How to START a BUSINESS: Your Step-by-Step Guide

1. Develop a Business Plan

How to create a business plan or biz plan for startups or entrepreneurs creating a business plan

Choose from a selection of proven business plan templates to start your business off right.

2. Identify Business Location

An entrepreneur starting a business and what location should be used in commercial real estate

Location is everything. Research the optimal location for your small business.

3. Register your Business

How to register your small business with the government and secretary of state

Register your business with the Secretary of State and learn your state's reporting process.

4. Request an EIN from the IRS


Request an Employer Identification Number from the IRS and federally register your business.

5. Apply for Permits and Licenses

Does my business need to apply for permits or apply for licenses to operate from state government

Your business may require permits and licenses from the state or federal government to operate. 

6. Create a Business Bank Account

How to create a bank account for a small business or entrepreneur or how to start a business

Accept payments and manage expenses with a small business bank account.

7. Get Accounting and HR Services

Accounting software book keeping software bookkeeping services HR services hiring and back office

Manage expenses, payroll, hiring, taxes and more with accounting and HR services.  

8. Create a Logo

Free logo or cheap logo or how to create a logo or small business logo or entrepreneur logo designs

Create a high quality and modern logo that will serve as your company's unique identity.

9. Purchase Domain and Hosting

Buy website domain and web hosting using templates for small business where to buy a domain website

Purchase a memorable URL that fits your company's mission and set up email accounts.

10. Create a Website

Create a website and how to create a website for a small business or entrepreneur or start up or app

Build your professional looking website with proven and effective templates.

11. Create Business Cards


Spread the word with a modern business card that guarantees everyone remembers you.

12. Fund your Business

How to fund a small business as an entrepreneur in a startup or tech start up trying to raise money

Secure enough money to fund your business and set yourself up for success and growth.

Do you need business services?


Conferencing software for small business or business telecom and smart phones and productivity tools

Stay connected with broadband, conferencing software, productivity tools, and more.

Company Merchandise

Create company merchandise for your small business or entrepreneurs or tech start up hats and shirts

Share your name with the world with high quality company hats, t-shirts, and more.

IT Solutions

Cloud solutions and cloud services and data backup and IOT and Internet of Things for business

Streamline and secure your data with VPN, cloud services, IOT solutions, and more.

Printing Services

Printing services for small business or business tech start ups or cheap printing for entrepreneurs

Create high-impact brochures, posters, mailers, and more with high quality printing services.

Video Prodution

Find high quality video production for cheap or for less for small business and social media

Showcase your company and products with high-end video production and editing.

Shipping Services

How to save money on shipping for business or small business or delivery for tech startups or stamps

Save money when sending your important packages with reliable delivery services.

Website Heat Mapping

How to improve your website with site optimization and heat mapping for websites and traffic mapping

Find out where customers are going on your website with heat mapping technology.

Mobile Point of Sale

Mobile point of sale or checkout with a tablet or ipad pos for restaurants and coffee shops and tech

Receive payments easier from your customers with a modern mobile point of sale.

Business Credit Cards

Apply for small business credit card or credit card for business with cash bonus or bonus miles amex

Whether it's for you or your employees, earn rewards with every purchase for your company.